Greeting kiss. Wha~~t?


This one is really hard to deal with.

Western people kiss each other all the time.

2I’m not talking about this.☝

Untitled-1I’m talking about this.☝

Greeting kiss.

I understand shake hand.

I understand hugging.

But kiss?

Sometime not even kissing, just touching cheek with kiss shape lip (like the image above).

People even do this kiss three times each greeting in Europe!

What a …💦


I’ve been researching this “greeting” for ages but still can’t understand which greeting situation people kiss.

Here is my concerns.

🐒 How about man and man, still kiss?  Because I’ve seen it on movie (obviously they weren’t gay).

🐒 From how close relationship start kissing?

🐒 If it is working together at same place, people would kiss every morning?

🐒 What if 20 of women working with? It must be busy morning to kissing around♡

🐒 Do people expect kissing when they kiss? Isn’t there happening man intend to kiss but woman didn’t expect be kissed?

🐒 What you are going to do if you met somebody don’t want to kiss or be kissed ?


I’ve getting used to living in Western culture but this thing is never get used to.

I’ve been accepted when somebody gave me a kiss (greeting), but never tried from me.

I think it’s too dangerous idea.

I would stay away from this thing until I understand well and able to kiss naturally.

That’s safety idea.




【One point JAPANESE】

Original illustration by Naoki
Original illustration by Naoki



Means “flour”.

There aren’t many people have got  flour allergy in Japan. So quite lots of  meals are including flour.


If you have kid got the allergy, you must be really want to know whether the flour in there.

If you were in the situation, please remember this word.

Don’t say “flour?”,  somebody might give you some flower🌷.


2 thoughts on “Greeting kiss. Wha~~t?

  1. Thank you for another wonderful post. Where else could anyone get that type of information in such a perfect way of writing? I have a presentation next week, and I am on the look for such information.

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